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The website dedicated to the classic movies made in Hollywood and abroad that were produced during the years 1920's-1960's.


Hi I'm Tom Cote - an avid collector and lover of classic Hollywood movies. Welcome to - this is a complete listing of all the classic old movies in my personal collection. I have been collecting for about a dozen years now. I love all the classics from 1930-1969. I hope you enjoy looking around…  Tom 

Some of my favorites: 
Ride The Pink Horse (1947)
All My Sons (1948)
All About Eve
The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (1948)

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Supreme Film Collectors - Back in the late 1960s, when I started collecting 16mm films, I subscribed to a paper called "The Film Collector's Registry".  Through this paper, I met many 16mm film collectors from all over the country but none could compare with Clyde Carroll from College Park, Georgia.  Clyde probably had the largest collection of 16mm films of anyone I had known up until the early 1970s.  Clyde and I began trading at a time when I would go into more

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell - Stage, Screen, & TV - 
Considered to be the most prolific of all character actors in Hollywood, Thomas Mitchell also was one of the finest stage stars on Broadway from 1914 until he came west to Hollywood in 1936.  Except for one silent film in 1923, Mitchell was strictly a stage star preferring an audience to a camera crew. His distinctive voice could not be heard in his one and only silent film for Fox, so it was back to Broadway for more

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Randolph Scott - A man's man! - 
For many years, one of the most popular stars in Hollywood was Randolph Scott.  Yet Scott had not decided on an acting career until he was in his early 30s. Born in 1897 to a wealthy textile family from Virginia, he was raised in Charlotte, NC where his family moved.. read more...

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King of the stuntmen - Yakima Canutt - 
Not too many folks know his name.  Not too many people recall his face; but Yakima Canutt was awarded a Special Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1966 for his outstanding contribution to movies. Born in the town of Yakima Washington, Enos (Yakima) Canutt was a four time Rodeo Champion in all...  read more...

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For Love Of Foreign Films - Many of us enjoy Foreign Language films----It gives us a look into other world cultures; however I am a Classic Film collector and collect some of the finest Foreign films ever made----Here's my sampling of a few of them: La Belle et Le Bette (The Beauty & The Beast) 1946 from France by Jean Cocteau:-----An adult telling of the classic fairy... read more....

Film Burning: A Tragic Blunder - I started collecting films in the 1960s, although my interest in them dates back to my childhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. My neighborhood was called the Bushwick/Ridgewood section. It was a fairly poor section of Brooklyn, dominated by American-Italians and American-Germans. In fact we had one theater called the Willoughby, which showed only Italian.. read more….

Why I love The Maltese Falcon - The Maltese Falcon is the quintessential Film Noir, where every character's character must be called into question.  The detectives, police force and clients in this film all seem to have duplicitous motives for their actions.  Even the girl Friday, Effie seems suspect as she rolls a cigarette, sitting provocatively before Sam Spade on his desk.  As this murky tale unfolds you will be treated to masterful direction (from first timer, John Huston), powerful acting and photography.  Finally, a glimpse of redemption glimmers as we see the fate of Bogie's love interest settled and the "stuff that dreams are made of" is carried off. If I carry off only one film to my desert island, this is it. tco   ©  2015                           Sitemap